These Website Design Tips and Tricks are a Way to Grow Your Business Significantly

A robust website design is the most important part to create trustworthiness among the consumers. By showcasing an online destination that is convenient to navigate, the customers will have a fruitful experience throughout your website, ending up in a complete purchase transaction. You can add all transparency, testimonials and a solid product but the website design ranks especially high when it comes to the brand trustworthiness. To be exceptional,

Here are some of the website design tips and tricks to transform your potential customers into loyal ones.

  1. Video landing page

Integrating videos into your website is no biggie. Just don’t put up any old YouTube video. Rather than this, transform your website by building a video landing page. You can redirect the video to the action on a particular web page. This can either enlighten your audience or create a brand’s identity, and helps in improving the UX and UI reputation of your company as a whole. You can go DIY or hiring a web designer can prove wonders for you too!

  1. Parallax scrolling

Sure, digital experiences have improved our daily lives, but it has driven us all lazy. Now it’s the time for parallax scrolling. This scrolling effect has defended the general laziness of the consumers while being engaging and visually appealing at the same time. Its popularity has also brought forth more deep scrolling and single page website designs that it renders the information as above the fold and making it more necessary. Hence, it makes prioritizing the content easier for you when it comes to management and increment f your user’s likelihood of seeing everything.

  1. Animated calls to action

CTAs are a mandatory evil in the website design. Add a little animation to the necessary action items make it easy for them and you to get your task accomplished. No matter if it is a micro mini interaction or a simple effect to grab the audience’s attention, they are likely to take that action as you are compelling them to do so.

  1. Custom typography

Every website needs some text and the days of Times New Roman are over. Rather than this, take it to the next level by using unique typography. You can use it in your logo design as well or you can use custom font in the entire design to grab attention to the important content. It’s all up to you in how and where you use this trend.

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