Five Tips when Making your Website Mobile-Friendly

The use of mobile devices among internet users continues to rise and businesses that have not made a mobile-friendly website are missing out in a lot of business opportunities. The shift in how consumers interact with the World Wide Web is not surprising but business owners must urgently make a site people can access no matter the size of the screen they use. This way, visitors will always have a good experience on a site whatever device they use. If you are looking to make your site mobile-friendly, use the following tips as your guide:

Build a Responsive Website

Your website is responsive when it shows the same content and information on any device it is accessed on. The only changes are on how contents are displayed and arranged. Also, a responsive website design makes you attractive for search engines. Google prefers to rank websites that are mobile-friendly and responsive. To build this kind of site, you need to look for the best free website builder that includes mobile-friendly templates.

Make it Easy for Visitors to Look for Information

Some internet users who access the web on their mobile devices want to look for the information they need as easily and fast as they can. Consider the information that these people may be looking for when you visit your site and place it somewhere they can easily find on a mobile homepage.

Avoid Flash

Flash has been found to slow down the load time of web pages and may not work in some devices and browser. Some major operating systems don’t support Flash so building a site which relies on the experience of flash animation, you are pushing visitors away. There are many other website designs that work without it so think about ditching it altogether.

Make it Convenient for them to Fill Out Forms

A lot of users may find autocorrect intimidating and turning this on makes their interaction with your site a little inconvenient. If your site has forms which ask for user information, turn off autocorrect for each field on the form to encourage users to perform the task. The last thing you would want your users to experience is getting their names and contact numbers changed to more common words.

Make it Easy for Users to Switch to Desktop View

A number of mobile users may prefer to see your site’s desktop version. Ensure you let them do this easily. This way, you can be sure they interact with your site in a way that makes sense for them.

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